Christian + Claire

Puerto Galera

“A Favorable LOVE from the SKY” this is how we define the wedding of Christian and Claire.

Their wedding was perfectly done as what I have pictured it in my mind. All the family and closest friends from United Kingdom, Manila and Cebu came across miles and miles to witness this special day of Christian and Claire. Even the SUN had showed up to see and bring the warm in their union, birds chirping and waves from the shore are singing so calmly like a blessing from the above.

If you would know a day before their wedding at Puerto Galera the surrounding was gloomy and the rain had poured so bad and the lights had turned off twice that night. Like a total black out in the island with rain taping out on our roofs.Christian and Claire told us that they already asked the locals to do a Sun dance and had already offered eggs for a prosperous one on their wedding day that made me realized that the mystical sky favors in traditional beliefs.

And did you know on the exchange of their vows – I can feel the shouting emotions of love in the silence of their teary eyed promises of LOVE and DEVOTION.

Thanks to Christian and Claire and of course to the man above us all.

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