Light, Relax & Classy. These are the adjective that describes how Bryan Venancio work’s.

Light, finding the right light is
the key to make every Photographs Beautiful and this is one of the extraordinary skills of Bryan Venancio that not all Photographers have. No flashes are needed just available light that makes the pictures very natural and clean.

Relax and Fun. The words you’d feel during his shoot. As for him being relaxed and making it fun while shooting will make photographs real and will capture genuine emotions.  Awkward moments and over posing is not his style.

Keeping it Simple and Classy is his key in making your Photographs timeless. He loves shooting outdoor and nature is his favorite backdrop.

He started his Photography when he was in his 3rd year college (2005) as a part of his curriculum for his course for Mass Communication. While studying someone ask him to cover there wedding using FILM and the rest is history.

His Work’s had already been featured in different wedding blog site. And had already covered several Asian countries like Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore.

Bryan Venancio captures your moments in a silent way. In fact you will not notice that his lens has caught you already and I am sure you will be astound with the result and you will surely cherish it for a lifetime. Though, Bryan Venancio have been to a lot of places, shot hundreds of weddings, he still gets excited for his next shoot! Rest assured everything will be captured in Light, Relax & Classy.

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Bryan Venancio

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M: 0917-6258136