Ina was a law student reviewing for the Bar Exam. Joseph was an architect working on a project. They were both staying in Starbucks, but not together. She was always with her friends; he always worked alone. The first time she saw him, she thought to herself, “Siguro kung magiging kami nito, magkakasundo kami.” She had no idea why thought came to her mind, but it did. He kept mostly to himself, but also, he was quietly eyeing her, trying to determine if there could be a chance for him to ask her out.

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Soon, they found themselves looking forward to working in that coffee shop, hoping in the off chance that they would bump into each other once more. One day, she found him in her seat. She told him off. He didn’t budge. They ended up sharing the seat with each other. They pretended to focus on their tasks, but secretly, they were thinking of ways to strike up a conversation.

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And then she stopped going to the coffee shop for a while. He wondered where she had gone, worried that he may not ever see her again. He asked the barista about her, but the barista did not know what happened to her, too. So he left his number instead, crossing his fingers that his message would one day reach her.

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It turned out that she stopped coming to the coffee shop because she was taking the bar already. After the exam, she came back, quietly wishing that he would be there. He wasn’t, but his message was. The number he left paved the way for them to see each other again.

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The next time they met, they knew they could not waste any more time apart. Even without saying anything, they both knew that they wanted to be together.

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And so they started on a journey three years’ worth that would take them to the beginning of their forever. They may be polar opposites, but clearly, they were the perfect match for each other.

(Above: Photos taken from behind the scenes of the couple’s pre-nup video by Derek Yee)

(Below: Photos taken from the couple’s actual pre-nup shoot)


Tagaytay Midlands

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